An endangered Greek dialect which is spoken in north-eastern Turkey has been identified by researchers as a "linguistic goldmine" because of its startling closeness to the ancient language, as Cambridge researcher Dr Ioanna Sitaridou explains.

Pontic Alps, 28th August 2010: Gorgeous views of the Pontic Alps in late summer, during my second fieldtrip.  


Pontic Alps, 13th July 2012: There is exquisite nature in the area.  A wide variety of plants and animals live in these beautiful, unspoiled mountains.


Highland pastures, 30th August 2010: Up in the pastures, following the women, talking to them and collecting data as they went about their chores. The women relocate there for the summer to cut the grass and feed the cows while transporting the grass surplus to the village to be stored for the cold and long winter months. 


Highland pastures, 30th August 2010: A woman makes cheese and yoghurt in one of the houses in the pastures.


Village of ‘Anasta’, 11th July 2012: I accompany the women to dig up potatoes to cook later for supper.


Village of ‘Anasta’, 11th July 2012: The women, and very rarely the men, harvest the grass: they cut it, dry it and stock it for the cold winter months when it is used as feed for the cows.


Village of ‘Anasta’, 11th July 2012: After a hard day in the fields, cutting and then carrying the grass on their backs, the women enjoy a lovely, convivial supper, of oven-cooked potatoes and peppers, prepared by one of the ladies, with fresh cheese and freshly baked bread. Female sisterhood at its best!